gBot Online Advertising Software

gBot Online Advertising Software

gBot offers latest software for comprehensive competitor analytic in the internet market. gBot provide great aid in your online marketing efforts, and help you to optimize your online advertisement strategies such as Google and other search engines. gBot keep on eye the deadly and difficult tasks allied with pay per click marketing, while still parting you in total control. Our software will convert your paid search advertising campaign into a drive strategic through keep tracking the competitor's analytics.

gBot advertisement software serves you as your personal ad manager and helps you to step the Google adwords campaign creation process through tracking the competitors analytics. Also help you to guiding in successful adwords campaign and help to make decision of you advertisement strategy. This software enables you to put your miles ahead of the competition by combining keyword search, ad creation.CTR, Geo and campaign analysis within easy to use interface.

Through this software you can analyze massive data active unique publishers and it delivers our customers report with composed information about successful advertising campaigns.

It is very useful tool for the internet marketing that get overview about your competitor's strategies. It allows you to more effectively and efficiently advertise following the data of your competitors such as following keywords, targeted market, time and location etc.

gBot helps you to boost your sales. Through keeping eye on your competitor's traffic sources. It will help you expand your market by using analytic data. gBot also an efficient mobile advertising tool that delivers full report about mobile websites and apps advertising campaigns of your competitors. It enables you to discover new markets and new sales. It can provide you full reports with actual real time data about the competitors and helping you to find new ways for increasing your online sales. It will help you to increase up to 250% boost your profit.

It is and advanced tool for mobile and android apps for finding new ways to attract potential clients. gBot very helpful for individual advertisers and advertising agencies.

It helps you in

· Keep track inside on your competitor's tactics and plans that help you to plan advertising campaign more efficiently.

· It will allow you to grab all potential traffic sources, Geo parameters and CTR.