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Hawk Squawk 8/27/20

Hello From Hallinan! We Miss YOU!

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Principal's Message

Hello Hallinan Families,

Staff returned to Hallinan (remotely) this week and we are all excited to see you at Supply and Device Drive-thru on Tuesday, 9/1 between 9 am and 3 pm at Uplands Elementary (2055 Wembley Park Rd).

Supply and Device Drive-thru

We are preparing bags with school-issued devices (iPads for grades K-2 and Chromebooks for grades 3-5), books and materials for drive-thru pickup at Uplands Elementary.

Before arriving, families must complete The LOSD Student/Parental Consent & Technology Form -- one form for each student. If you arrive at the pickup without a form submitted, you will need to drive out of line to complete your form before returning to the line to pick up your school materials.

We now have an OPTIONAL technology device damage and loss protection plan for families. It is $20 per student, with a family maximum of $60. Please see losdschools.org for more details, including the LOSD FEE WAIVER available here.

9/1 - Supply and Device Drive-thru Schedule:

You are welcome to arrive at Uplands (2055 Wembley Park Rd, LO) anytime between 9 am and 3 pm to pick up your supplies; your teacher may be at Pick-up during your grade time to say hello!

9 - 10 am - Kindergarteners

10 - 11 am - 1st Grade

11 am - 12 pm - 2nd Grade

12 - 1 pm - 3rd Grade

1 - 2 pm - 4th Grade

2 - 3 pm - 5th Grade

If you need internet access, please contact John Parke at parkej@loswego.k12.or.us to request a hotspot.

Bell Schedule

Please note that all students have classes in the morning and afternoon every day.

8-10:45 Morning Session

  • AM Cohort Math/Language Arts
  • PM Cohort Social Studies/PE/Music/Innovation/Health/Science

12:45-3:30 Afternoon Session

  • PM Cohort Math/Language Arts
  • AM Cohort Social Studies/PE/Music/Innovation/Health/Science

Thursdays ONLY:

8-10:25 Morning Session (same as above)

1:05-3:30 Afternoon Session (same as above)

Smart Start

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Smart Start is on 9/2-9/4. We are excited that we have an opportunity to meet with your student before the school year starts. For those of you who are new to us, Smart Start is an opportunity specifically for our students with 504s and IEPs, and their parents and guardians, to make introductions with their teachers and to feel prepared for the start of school.

This year’s Smart Start meetings are all virtual and set up by appointment. You should have already received an email from your teacher to schedule your Meet and Greet virtual meeting.

Teachers will be familiar with your student’s accommodations from the file given to them from your case manager. Please complete this one page document and either email it to your teacher in advance or bring it with you to your virtual meeting.

We are excited to get to know your student and you!

Please Click HERE for the Smart Start Check List

This form is designed to assist parents and guardians of students with IEPs and 504s to identify and plan for important dates in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Food Services 2020-21

For information about the District Food Services program, please click on the document below.

Hallinan Renovation Update

The Hallinan Elementary Renovation Project will bring significant improvements to the forty-year-old facility, including upgrades in safety and security, technology and seismic and infrastructure.

Status Summary:

  • Construction has fallen behind schedule, with major concerns regarding delivery of certain materials (storefront doors, overhead door for makerspace and bathroom tile)
  • Interior framing is nearing completion
  • Typical number of tradespeople on site is 60 - 70. Crews continue to work six days a week
  • Site concrete work continues; footings and columns for entry canopy have been poured
  • Framing for makerspace addition has been completed
  • Roofing work continues at a strong pace.
  • Clerestory roof has been completed; work continues on gymnasium roof with cap sheet being installed
  • Electrical, plumbing, mechanical and low voltage rough-ins continue at a quickening pace
  • Masons have completed brick installation.
  • Brick sealing is underway
  • Architectural plans and renderings for the outdoor classroom have been submitted to Planning for approval; review process will be completed in time to receive a permit for construction in September. Two neighborhood comments have been received

Project Manager’s Notes:

Seismic structural upgrades in the exterior walls have been completed. The new final weather barrier and new brick veneer have been completed. Interior seismic work has been completed, and drywall is being taped and painted.

Architectural form is taking shape in the library and makerspace addition. These two components will be the focus of the completed renovation.

  • COVID-19 accommodations have caused delays this summer. The early start helped, but the completion date schedule has been moved back. The major issues are the delivery of some of the materials. Storefront frames, overhead folding door in makerspace, and tile from Mexico are experiencing long lead times due to manufacturing issues
  • Current project schedule shows that Interior Substantial Completion has been adjusted to September 9, 2020, with exterior construction and site work Substantially Complete in October. The completion of the outdoor classroom will be determined once the building permit is received and construction can begin

Additional information can be found on the Bond website here.

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Office Contact Information

At this time, Hallinan Elementary is closed for renovation and summer break. The best way to reach us is by email. Please contact Lee Gates if you need to schedule a meeting.

Office Phone: 503-534-2353

Principal Melissa Griffiths - griffitm@loswego.k12.or.us

Secretary Lee Gates - gatesl@loswego.k12.or.us

Secretary Linda Stevens - stevensl@loswego.k12.or.us

Hallinan Website - Click Here!