Students Helping Teachers

A student service to assist teachers in grading student work

We grade papers for the overwhelmed!

Students Helping Teachers!

Who: Rachel Vickers and Steven Huber

Why: Designed as part of Senior Project

What: New library service created for overwhelmed teachers. Teachers may send ungraded student work or scan-trons to the library throughout the day to be graded by seniors during 5th period and returned accordingly. If there is a deadline, we will have them returned to you on the date they are needed. Include name and room number.

Goal: Provide assistance to teachers while involving seniors in volunteer work.


Send to the Library!

We will dedicate our time to helping you!

Who Are We?

Graduating class of 2015.

Steven Huber:

  • Classes Taken: AP Language and Composition, AP Spanish Language and Composition, NKU Theater Appreciation, NKU Cultural Anthropology, Thomas More English 150, Thomas More English 200, Thomas More History 101, Thomas More College Algebra, Biomedical Academy Scholar
  • GPA:
  1. Unweighted: 3.8

Rachel Vickers:

  • Classes Taken: AP US History, AP Language and Composition, AP Calculus, AP Literature, German 3 Honors, NKU Race, Gender, Mass Media, NKU Leadership Around the World, NKU Criminal Justice, NKU Public Speaking
  • GPA:
  1. Unweighted: 3.92
  2. Weighted: 4.14

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