Peek at the Week

Week of 1/11/16

Back from Science Camp!


This Week:

MONDAY, STAFF MEETING 3-4pm, Mr. Miller's Room

Weds PD: Writing, Mr. Miller's Room

Friday 1/15- 10:30-12:30 OCCC Rehearsal at Glenview Auditorium (Cleveland come to Glenview to practice)

Coming Up

1/18 No School

1/21 Annual MLK, Jr Oratorical Fest @ Glenview

1/22 SRI and SMI completed

1/22 F & P due in Illuminate

1/27, 6pm School Site Council (Toller, Anderson, Witte, Ghazizadeh)

1/28 SEL Retreat (Sullivan, Havenar, Alexander, Wong, Smith, Toller, Cuny)

1/28 Shortened Day for Professional Development

1/29 Buy Back Day (Professional Development/No Students)

2016 Assemblies

2/5 Black History Month Assembly

2/20 Oratorical Fest (8:45 lower grades, 10:40am upper grades)

3/3, Bay Area Children's Theater Performance of Aladdin

3/11 Stop Waste Assembly

3/17 Willie Wonka School Performance Assembly

3/18 Disability Awareness Day

4/29 Glenview LGBTQ Pride Day

Special Thanks to Our Science Camp Team!

Thanks to Ms. Smith, Mr. Litt, Ms. Schenker, Nurse Kally, and Ms. Fowlkes for their positive energy and bravery to venture into the woods with our 60 fifth graders.

Thanks to Mr. Miller, Ms. Brown-Clark, Ms. Walker and Ms. Morgan for holding down the fort while Ms. Toller was out of town.....

Thanks to Ms. Wong for her many translations and outreach to ensure that ALL students who wanted to come, were able to attend!

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

District Math PD? Yes!

All district teachers are expected to attend District Math PD. You should have received an email with dates and how you are to sign up. This PD will build on the work that we did together at the site in the Fall.

District PD Outcomes:

  1. Identify and explain concepts, skills and models associated with grade level Common Core Math Standards

  2. Connect a cluster of standards to mathematical Big Ideas

  3. Explain key formative assessment strategies that increase student learning

  4. Analyze student work and provide specific feedback to move learners forward

  5. Understand our own process for math learning and its connection to student learning

PLC - Math Reminder!

Reminder to Check in On Your Math Units in PLC Time!

ILT Leads will be letting grade levels creating time to:

1) Analyze student work and formative assessments from the math unit

2) Share successes and challenges

3) Update the lesson planning tool so that next year the unit is ready to be developed further

4) Reflect together on differentiation as this was a big topic during our cycle

Assessments Due!

Hello All,

It is time for round two of the SMI and SRI. 2nd-5th grade have to do the SRI and 3rd-5th grade have to do the SMI. There is also a technology survey that the 3rd-5th grade students have to complete after they do the SMI. I will come around on Monday to make a schedule for testing. You can also email me the times and dates you plan on testing. The deadline is January 22 but we need to leave time for make ups.

There is a 4th chromebook cart in the textbook room. That is also available for anyone's use although if you are on the second floor you'll have to use the elevator to get it up there and returned. It is being used by second grade and tech preps. I'll add a schedule for it to the cart folder soon. Just let me know if you'd like to use it and I can unlock it for you.



Professional Development- Weds

We will continue our work with Writing Planning....

Your homework was to become a great writing partner to your students by conferring with students and sharing back your experience of doing this.

Bring your:

- Chromebook

- Any planning tools you need (writing pathways, your writing unit, etc.)

- The piece of work your grade level committed to completing

Bulletin Boards- Updated by 1/6 (for teachers going to camp, by 1/13)

Thank you to the teachers who completed their bulletin board updates. For those of you have not, I will be checking in with you this week. Our walls are another way to "teach" and reinforce what we are teaching.

Intervention Success Stories!

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) was started the beginning of October for our struggling 4/5 grade readers. The program has run 4X a week for 50 min. per session in Mr. Wolfe's room.

In only the last three months, we are so excited about the results of this intervention;

-6 students grew 4-5 Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels

-6 students grew 2-3 Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels

-5 students grew 1 level

*7 of our students in this group no longer qualify for intervention and have "graduated".

Thanks to the following staff who have taken on this important work for our kids and invested time in learning this intervention: Ms. Yve, Mr. Wolfe, Ms. Erica, Ms. Suthaboon, and Ms. Morgan.

With students moving out of the program so quickly we will be adding in 4th graders. We will also be starting up a group for 3rd graders when our new materials arrive!

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Moving Hearts

Request for Items for the Restorative Justice Office From Coach C.

"It is time to officially set-up a restorative justice office! The RJ office will be located in the hallway near the elevator, which is past the TK room on the 1st Floor. I would love to fill the space with RJ/Social Justice/Hope posters, soft sitting areas (pillows, beanbag chairs, soft chairs, etc.) in order to create a warm and inviting space so kids feel comfortable when they meet with me. If you have any items that you aren't 'using that you would be willing to donate to the RJ office, please let me know.You can email me at Thanks!"

Oratorical Fest

Date: January 20, 2016

Lower grade: 8:45 a.m.

Upper grade: 10:40 a.m.

Judges: Ms. Dietra Atkins, Mrs. Glenda Lemon, and Ms. Sally Hansen

Tallier: Ms. Erica Donnell

Timer: Ms. Eva Murray

Entries: All students are to register with their teacher. Forms are returned to Mr. Granda (TK - 2) and Ms. Smith (3-5) by 1/18

Printed program will include individual teachers' names and grade level.


Ms. E. Smith, Oratorical Coordinator

14th City-wide Annual Music Tribute to Dr. King with our students performing!

The 14th annual Musical Tribute to Dr. King will be on 1/17 at 7pm at the Scottish Rite. This event showcases locally and internationally known performing artists, including Glenview's second and third graders students as well as Patti Cathcart, Paula West, Rhiannon, and Terrance Kelly. This year's event honors the Civil Rights Movement through the music of Nina Simone.

The 14th Annual Tribute, supports the Living Jazz Children’s Project (a free music education project for Glenview and other Oakland public elementary schools) and promises to be a profound celebration of civil rights and an amazing evening of music!

For more info. and tickets: