Competency #3

Designing Instruction Based on Goals

TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills)

The state of Texas developed curriculum guidelines for all grade lev­els and subject areas. Teachers use TEKS to plan lessons. They use TEKS to decide how much time to spend on a certain lesson and to decide where the emphasis for a certain lesson should be based on their class.

Benjamin Bloom's Three Domains for Objectives

The cognitive domain includes thinking, memory, and reasoning (divided into 6 levels), including appropriate verbs for objective writing at each level.

The affective domain includes attitudes and feelings. The teacher teaches this through modeling.

The psychomotor domain includes physical ability. Teachers must assess students through their performance.

Lesson Plans & Units

In one unit, there are many lesson plans. Each unit requires long-term planning. Each lesson must fit into the unit's goals.

Unit plans include: a title, the overview, instructional outcomes, a conceptual map, a timetable, the approach, activities, a bibliography, the materials needed, and evaluation techniques.

A traditional lesson cycle is one type of classroom in­struction.

It includes: objectives, goals, or TEKS, the focus, connections to prior knowledge, materials, teacher modeling or direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, assessment & evaluation, extension activities, and closure.