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What types of music classes are offered at New Century?

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What instruments can I play in orchestra?

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What do we do in Chorus class?

In chorus, we learn to read music, sing together, sight-read and more! In addition to chorus concerts, we also participate in MPA each Spring. This is a music competition that involves students from around the state!

Chorus students are also able to participate in all-county chorus, all-state chorus and honors chorus. We also travel to Carowinds to compete in a music competition. Finally, we have a Spring Musical each year! Students learn all about music theater and how to put on a play- it's so much fun! We hope you come and sing with us!

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What instruments can I play in band?

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Q: Do Chorus, Band and Orchestra classes last one semester or the entire year?

A: These classes last for one year.

Q: Do I need to know how to read music before joining these classes?

A: No, we will teach you how to read music. No previous experience is necessary.

Q: How often do we have performances?

A: 6th grade orchestra, chorus and band classes perform at least twice a year, in December and May. Other performance opportunities may occur throughout the year. Attendance at concerts is required of all students. We are a team, and we need every member to help us make beautiful music!

Q: What if I do not have a band or orchestra instrument?

A: We will have Edwards Music available to talk with you about renting or buying instruments.

Q: Should I go ahead and purchase band or orchestra instrument on instrument on Amazon?

A: No. Please do not do this without consulting one of our music teachers first. We love Amazon too, but we want to ensure that your child has a quality instrument on which to learn. Please feel free to email us.

Middle School Music Sign-up Night!

Please join us at New Century Middle on March 23rd from 5-7pm to sign-up for band, orchestra, or chorus! You may drop in anytime between 5-7. We will be located in the cafeteria.

Edwards Music will be available on-site to help you with instrument rentals. Please make sure to bring a valid ID and either a checkbook or debit/credit card if you are ready to rent an instrument. Also, if you already own an instrument, please bring it with you. We will look at the instrument and let know if it is in good working order.

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