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Week of June 6 - June 10, 2022

June 10, 2022

Upcoming Dates

  • 6/10: NEW DATE Wentworth Warrior Challenge for 5th Grade
  • SCHOOL BUDGET REFERENDUM - Tuesday, June 14, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

  • 6/17: Last Day for Students (Half Day - dismissal begins at 11:45 AM)
  • FY23 Education Budget - See Below

2021-2022 School Calendar

Senior Stroll

We know how to celebrate our Seniors, rain or shine! We love the Scarborough tradition of the graduating senior class taking a stroll around the track and/or campus to the applause of their peers from the K2 Schools, Wentworth, and the Middle School as well as all of their former teachers and their families! Mother Nature was not cooperative today, but we pulled off an incredible Plan B to show the Class of 2022 how proud we are of them!

Students and staff from Pleasant Hill, Blue Point, and Eight Corners were bussed to Wentworth, and we hosted them all in the gymnasium. Our very own Gym Dandies provided entertainment (thank you Mr. Sloatman and friends!) before and after the stroll. The Wentworth students and teachers lined the hallways all the way around the bog downstairs loop, and the seniors started in the gym, being cheered on by over 500 5, 6, and 7-year-olds and their teachers and principals from K-2! Then they made their way through their old hallways, cheered on and celebrated by the third, fourth, and fifth graders and their Wentworth teachers and school leaders.

What made this even more special is that these graduating seniors were the very first fifth-graders to attend Wentworth School. Check out some of the photos and videos below to get a sense of this special event. Congratulations, Class of 2022 ~ your Wentworth family is so proud of you!

Field Days

Wentworth students all had a BLAST at field day this year! Big thanks to Mr. Kitchin and Mr. Nicholas for organizing, setting up fun activities, playing music, and being the leaders of this annual event. Thank you, also, to the teachers and parent volunteers who participated right alongside the students.

The end of the year is so much fun!

5th Grade Band Concerts & End of Year Band Procedures

Congratulations to Mr. Fletcher and our 5th grade band students for two fabulous performances! We are so proud of our young musicians.

Here is a little snippet of some of the magic. Enjoy!

If your young musician is continuing in 6th grade band and you are renting an instrument do not return your instrument to Music and Arts. You may think that your son/daughter might not practice much this summer so it would make sense to return it and then rent again this fall. The money you have already paid goes toward owning the instrument. If you return the instrument, you will automatically lose all of the credit.

If your child will not be continuing in the instrumental music program at the middle school here is how to return the instrument. If renting from Music and Arts: - If you are returning the instrument to school please first call Music Arts Center (888) 731- 5396 to get a return confirmation number (I am not able to accept instruments if they don’t have a return confirmation number.) The last day instruments may be returned at school is Wednesday, June 15 which is the Music Arts representative’s last visit. You may also return the instrument at their store (106 Gray Rd. West Falmouth, ME). If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at Wentworth School (730-4695 or cfletcher@scarboroughschools.org). Thank you for your continuing support. Have a great summer!

Yearbook Mistake, Apology, and Restoration

It was brought to my attention that there was a mistake in the Yearbook that could cause harm to members of our school community. The stock border available from our publisher that was selected and used on the staff photo pages on pages 6-7 includes Christian imagery, which has no place in a public school yearbook. I take great pride in the welcoming and inclusive community at Wentworth School, and the border on these pages does not align with our values and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I take full responsibility for this editorial oversight and am working to correct and repair this honest mistake.

This mistake was brought to my attention last night by a parent. This morning I was first in line at a craft store, and purchased decorative tape. With the magic of a thick sharpie and the decorative tape, the border has been repaired.

Additional steps that will be taken include:

  • An apology to the school community on Monday's morning announcements

  • An opportunity for yearbooks that have already been distributed to be collected, repaired and returned

  • Offering any staff or student who has been negatively impacted by this mistake to join me for lunch and a restorative circle on Tuesday

  • Including more staff in the final review and approval process for any future publications

  • Reaching out to our Publisher to ask that stock images on the Yearbook site are categorized in the future (ie: sports, nature, celebration, religious)

Thank you for your understanding and support to correct this for our school community.


Kelli Crosby

End of Year Student Medication Pick up

To: Parents/ Guardian of students with medications at school

(Including Inhalers and Epi-Pens)

The last day of school for students and staff is June 17. If your child has medication at school, please plan to pick up your child’s medication no later than 3:00 pm on June 17

th, 2022. Any medication left at school after June 17th will be disposed of. Per school board policy, medications CANNOT be left at school over the summer. Please contact Wentworth school at 730-4600, if you need to make other arrangements to pick up your child’s medication.

Please remember that updated physician orders and parental permission are required at the

beginning of each school year. The medication policy and permission forms can be accessed online at the Scarborough School Department Board of Education Policies section JLCD and JLCD-E1. Click here for a copy or refer to our website for a copy of the Permission to Administer Medication Form. The form can be completed by you and your physician during the summer prior to the start of school.

Asthma Action Plans and Food Allergy Action plans are very helpful in our efforts to keep children safe at school. These forms are available on our school websites. They are located in the Health Services section (part of Student Advocacy or Student Support). Please remember that both physician and parent/guardian are required to sign these forms.

In an effort to make the first day of school as smooth as possible, the nursing staff will be available to accept medications and required paperwork on August 29th through September 1, 2022, between 8:30 am and 3:00pm. Please remember that an adult must deliver medications to and from school. Students may not carry medications. This policy is in effect to protect all students.

The Wentworth Health Office fax number is 207-730-4797 and the Wentworth Front Office fax is number is 207-730-4607

We hope you have a wonderful summer!!

Anne Ornstein, RN

Cindy Fasulo, LPN

Scarborough School Department

Wentworth Health Services

PO BOX 370

Scarborough ME, 04070-0370

Big picture

Summer Ideas For All Students (& Families) Enrichment Programs/Camps

Wentworth School is not affiliated with these camps but wanted to share a list compiled by a staff member in case it is helpful to our students and families.

MAKERS of The Future Camp


Camp Laughing Loon


Maine Robotics Camp Programs


Maine/USM Legos Engineering


Mad Science


Seacoast Science Center


Christa McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center


Portland Museum of Art


Fiddlehead Art & Science Camp


Broadturn Farm - Environmental Science


Rippleffect Camp - Leadership through Outdoor Adventure


Ray & Robin’s Hobby Center: Remote Car & Drone races


AT HOME problem solving kits

Hands-On Science & Art Projects - 0-16+


River Tree Arts


Maine School of Science and Mathematics


College for Kids - YCCC Summer Camp, Wells


Willowbrook at Newfield - Historical Visits


Young Authors Camp, Southern Maine Writing Project


Southern Maine Gearbots (& Odyssey of the Mind) - Fall 2020


Maine Audubon Society


Children’s Museum & Theater of Maine


Portsmouth Music & Art Center


Children’s Museum of New Hampshire


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