The Bahamas

By: Brianna Schiller

What lurks the forest floors?

Flamingos and dolphins are in the water but in the forests there are birds, snakes/amphibian, hutia, raccoons which are threatened species. There are wild boars, horses and donkeys along with reptiles, marine animals and birds.

Cat Island

Cat Island

Cat island isn't what you think...

From the pictures above you probably think it's an island mostly of cats. There is cats here but also in Iowa and Nebraska etc. Also none of the cats there represent the name!

How cat island got its name... Cat islands name came from the British sea captain and/or pirate (depending on which side you were on.) His name is Arthur Catt. Hordes of wild cats that the English (us) unleashed in the 1600s. The cats were said to be ancestors of their more tamed cousins that were orphaned by early Spanish colonists in a rush to find gold in South America.