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The PBIS committee would like to keep everyone informed of our work throughout the building. We will be sending regular bulletins so that all of the staff is aware of the trends related to student behavior at Harding, as well as information on PBIS interventions.

SO, What does the HARDING data show?

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Current PBIS interventions at Harding

TIER 1 interventions are core services available to ALL students.
Academic interventions include:
  • Organizers
  • IPads
  • TLC room
  • after-school tutoring

Behavioral interventions include:

  • Teaching The Harding Way
  • Warning bell prior to tardy bell being rung
  • Grade Level Assemblies
  • Advisories twice a week to develop relationships with students

TIER 2 interventions
Academic interventions:
  • Reading Support Classes
  • Sanneh foundation tutors
  • After school meetings with teachers

Behavior interventions:

  • Office referrals
  • Truancy letters and county truancy meetings
  • Parent/guardian meetings
  • Referral to social worker or counselor
  • Outside mental health referral

TIER 3 interventions
Academic interventions:
  • Special education services
  • Paraprofessional support
  • Co-taught classes
  • 504 Eligibility meeting

Behavior interventions:

  • Grade Level Team Focus Students
  • Student Assistance Team (SAT) referral
  • Special education services
  • Referral to Student Assistant Review Team/Truancy Petition
  • Check and Connect
  • Re-focus Room
  • Modified assignments
  • SAT team and Child Study meetings with PBIS data to plan for student specific interventions

PBIS Behavior Intervention of the Month

Each month, we will be featuring a strategy to work with challenging student behavior. For January, we are focusing on the TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION 100% participation - getting everyone's attention.
Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class

PBIS Committe Members

Joan Gudorf
Tony Chlebecek
LaNisha Paddock
Ben Lathrop
Maureen Rueber
Bobby Hall
Koua Yang
Janel Zelm
Tracy Hrouda
Sean McMoore
Shannon Tenner
Shandyn Benson