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With our new County designation from YELLOW to GREEN, we are happy that all of our in-school learners will continue without disruption. We know that this has been a stressful time for families who worked hard to figure out childcare options for their grades 4-6 students. We appreciate all of your continued support and flexibility in these uncertain times.

I would encourage you to read Superintendent Colpitts letter below carefully so that you are clear on what the district plan is moving forward should our color designation change again to YELLOW or to RED.

Again, we are so excited that all of our in-school learners will remain in the building for now and we will keep our fingers crossed that we can remain at school moving forward.

Parent Letter from Superintendent Colpitts

October 9, 2020

Dear Parents,

I want to update you on a few things:

  • The building and district administrators met Thursday to review plans should the designation change to either red or green. With the County’s recent designation as green we will be implementing our plans outlined for a green designation. What does this mean?

    • Beginning Tuesday, October 13 -

      • Students in grades Prek-6 will attend school 5 days a week.

      • Students in grades 7-12 will need to remain in a hybrid model in order to meet state-mandated distancing standards.

  • I want to share the following plans with you now so that you anticipate our response in the event of any future changes to our county color code:

    • When the county is designated green, we will implement the plan stated above when schools can meet state mandates for distancing.
      • Likewise, OHCHS cannot meet the distancing requirements under green and will need to remain in a hybrid learning environment.

      • OHMS is no longer able to meet the distancing requirements to allow for all students to return to in-person learning due to shifts in choices made by parents. The middle school will remain in a hybrid learning mode

  • When the county is designated yellow or red:

    • If the CDC notifies the district of an active case within a school we will follow quarantine provisions for the student and those the CDC deems to have been in close contact with the active case. This means that those affected students may be moved to remote learning. If there are three or more cases from different households identified in a school that will be known as an “outbreak” and may require an entire school move to remote learning for a period of time specified by the CDC. Other schools would remain open. If outbreaks occur in multiple schools we will likely be advised to move all schools to remote for a specified period of time.

    • Students in grades 7-12 will remain in a hybrid model - two days a week in-person and three days a week remote learning.

    • Students in grade 4-6 will move to a hybrid model - two days in-person and three days of remote learning.

    • Prek-3 will remain in school 5 days a week. We believe that as long as there are no active cases within the school, we have adequate provisions in place to protect staff and students.

  • Sports teams have scheduled games and will begin to play as soon as tonight now that the county designation has been changed from yellow to green. If the county designation returns to yellow, games will be postponed and teams will be restricted from practicing or participating in games according to the MPA guidelines and Board approved plans.

Our priority remains to provide face-to-face in-person learning whenever we are able. In-person learning is the most effective option to engage our students and move them forward in their learning. Our ability to provide in-person learning is fragile and dependent on our ability to meet state distancing requirements and appropriate levels of staffing and supervision. I will continue to update you as things change.

Thank you again for your effort, confidence, and above board efforts.


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Parent Teacher Conference Change

Parent-Teacher Conferences are on the district calendar for Thursday, October 22nd. The superintendent is asking the school board to change that date to Wednesday, October 28th. Once the date is finalized you will be hearing from your child's teacher. Conferences this year will be held via Zoom or as a phone conference. Please keep P/T Conferences in your calendar for Wednesday, October 28th. Thursday, October 22nd will be a regular school day for students.

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