Red foxes

By Chance

Basic info

It can walk, run, trot, and jump. It's warmblooded. it's predators are bear's and crocdile's. It's a vertebrate. It's a mammal.


It live's in citys, forestes, united states of america, africa, india, asia and uroup. in a den.

Life cycle

First they are born then they are young red foxes. They start to eat and grow into a adult.
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Claws for scratching, teeth for biting, nose for great smell and long legs for running.

Interesting facts

A girl fox is called a vixen. They eat rabbit's, bird's, squirrel's mice and earth worm's. It get's its water from watering holes, rivers and pond's. They have thick fur. There colors are red black white tan grey. The tail is called a brush. Pups open there eyes when there ten days old. They start out as Kits then young finally adult.
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Food Chain

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