Crystal Village Town Charter

By: Christopher Johnson


We the community of Crystal Village, do establish this charter, to promote unending peace, unbiased justice, and domestic equality within our town. Our government is devoted to providing for the defense, security and tranquility of the community.

Article I

Our government cannot entitle us to do anything, except taxation, without a 51% majority vote.

Article II

There will be a four-branch government system, comprising of the Executive, Judicial, Legislative and Security (ODS) Branches. The chief executive, namely the mayor, executes the laws laid out by the legislative system, and the precautions of the Office of the Domestic Security (ODS). The Judicial system is entitled to promote unbiased justice for wrong-doers, and to ensure that criminals learn the seriousness of their crimes through rigorous sentencing. The legislative branch is responsible for creating the laws of the land, and validating executive appointments and meetings. The ODS is committed to providing defense to the domestic population, and maintaining the privacy and security of citizens' personal affairs.

Article IIV

The community's election system is a direct-election system, where each citizen votes, and their vote is directly responsible for the outcome of a political issue.