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Volume 1.5 -- January 2023


A Day to Remember a Season We Will Never Forget!

On January 20, 2023 the community gathered to celebrate with the SJHS football team and coaches for a history-making season. The afternoon festivities included a parade down area streets and a rally filled with food, speeches, and special recognitions.

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  • SJUSD website news feature
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  • Valley News (A subscription is required to read the full online article. Printed newspapers are sold at multiple Rite Aid, CVS and 7-Eleven locations in Hemet and San Jacinto. In addition, a printed version of the full news article will be available in the DO and San Jacinto High School offices.)

Scientifically Speaking...

The creation of science fair projects as a classroom assignment, Science Club expectation, or just the love of experimenting resulted in learning and fun across the district. Some projects featured ways to filter water to address the global water crisis while others tested methods for making tasty tajin/soda drinks without the beverage overflowing!

The process of researching, creating, testing and communicating findings resulted in increased knowledge - a WIN for all students!

100 Days Smarter!

We've passed the 100th day of school. Our students are 100 days older AND 100 days smarter!!



CLARISA ESCOBEDO (Secretary 1, Student, Community & Personnel Support): Clarisa has implemented processes that have tremendously benefited the Enrollment Center. Clarisa is constantly supporting the team; she takes pride in her work and goes above and beyond to serve our new families, always with a positive attitude. Clarisa’s efficiency ensures families obtain the information they need in a timely manner. We are very lucky to have Clarisa on our team.

GLORIA SOLORIO-VALENZUELA (Title I PD Specialist, San Jacinto High): Shout-out to Gloria for everything she does for the students at SJHS. She is kind, hardworking and a wonderful teacher!

JOSEPH GOOSSENS (Custodian, Park Hill Elementary): Mr. Goossens is such a great help! In all my years, I have never worked with a custodian who asked, "Would you like me to place these boxes by grade level as labeled?" Thank you!

CLARA SANCHEZ (Teacher, San Jacinto High); I appreciate Ms. Sanchez for her dedication to our English Language Learners at San Jacinto High School. As she transitioned into a new position, she demonstrated her advocacy for English Language Learners by working with teachers, administrators, parents and students in creating access to CORE content.

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