Life Sandwich

By: Adam Porterie

Top Slice of Bread

I hit the ground at 80 miles per hour. I got up with a throbbing sensation like a mad man knocking. I stood on the field frozen in place. "Ready ready go !" yelled the center. I sprinted of the line at the speed of light. I ran my route to perfection. Then out of nowhere the ball came towards me promising me a catch begging me to catch it. I rose my hands and gripped the ball with all of my strength. I had caught it didn't care that I only gained a few yards I was elated to have my first catch. Moments like those make me excited to wake up before the sun every morning to practice football, just for another shot at another play like that. Everytime I step on the field and stick my cleats in the ground I'm ready to play football. Football is one thing that is always on my mind.
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American Cheese Slice

I heard a dragon's roar high above my head I instantly pulled out my Dragonbone bow, ready my shot, fired like there was no tomorrow. The dragon landed with violence in its eyes and death on its mind. He spat scorching hot flames. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. One of my passions for a career is to design games. Ever since i heard about it has imprinted my mind as a dream job. Game design looks like an amazing career because the games I would get to design could be shared and enjoyed by the whole world.
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Swiss Cheese Slice

I ran out of my door at full speed as my brother sent me on a wild goose chase for my phone. He looked back at me with that catch-me-if-you-can look. I sprinted after him with anger in my eyes I knew I would never catch him but tried anyways. My brother being 5 years older than me teases me quite often most of the time it's about my height since he is 6'1 and I'm 5'1. If not for my brother I wouldn't have anybody that keeps me up to date with the real world. My brother and I are also polar opposites. He loves to sing and dance I love football and video games.
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Slice Of Meat

I tossed the ball up and out of my reach then I heard a sudden crash I panicked."ADAM!!" When moms scream a child listens. I ran to her room to my fate. She already had her belt in hand. The pain of the leather belt on my butt was unbearable. This is how I have been raised by being whooped by a belt anytime I got in trouble. My mother is the main parent in my life. She is always willing to pick me up from anywhere at anytime. She also taught me manners and how to be a gentleman.
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A The ocean water was sparkling blue

A The Gulf winds blew

B Sand was sifting between my toes

B I had no woes

A We stepped in the room

A We layed in our beds like we were in tombs

B Looking out the window enjoying the view

B Standing on the balcony with my crew

A I swam in the freezing water

A The fresh taste of salt water

B Laying in the sand being buried
B Allowing my to be carried

A White sands covered white foam
A a place so nice it feels like home
B Soothing my mind and putting me a ease
B there's nothing like the sea beeeze

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My shorts finally gave up on me and fell down. If my face could have been red it would have been a very dark red. I wished I would have listened to my moms warning when she told me to wear a belt. When my shorts came down my underwear went with them. I stood in the middle of an almost empty park with just a shirt on. I instantly pulled my shorts up and ran home faster than speedy gonzales. To this day I will never forget to wear a belt.
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I was sitting in the principal's office with palms wetter than Niagra Falls. The principal asked me one simple question. " Do you know anyone who has been using foul language. " The office dropped silent as I thought over her question. I pondered her question for good few seconds. Then the bell for students to be released rang. I knew I couldn't just walk out the office and go on with my day I had to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I told her everything I knew about the foul language at school. When I finally got out of her office I felt a mix of fear, panic, anger, and worry rush through me. I had no idea what the next day would bring.
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I rode around on my big wheel imaging I was winning the greatest race of all time. Then my mom called me in claiming to have important news. When I finally got in the house my mom sat down me and my brother and delivered some heartbreaking news. We were moving I didn't realize the gravity of the situation at first. While I was having help packing my bags I thought about all my friends that I would have to say goodbye too. I would have to say goodbye to my best friend Riley. I would have to say goodbye to my girlfriend Kira. I would have goodbye to my neighbor Ricky.
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Bottom Slice Of Bread

Game design has always been a very pursuable career for me. It's my main back up career if I ever get injured or retire from football. My mom has had the biggest impact in raising me. She taught me how to be the disciplined tennager I am today. Ever since I discovered football when I was younger it has been an obsession for me. Whenever I play it either on the field or on the street I give it my all. These are a few things that have made me an 8th grader taking 3 pre-ap classes and wants nothing less than all a's.
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