by: Ellen Beard

Where did they live?

The Atakapan's lived in the coastal plains region of Texas and in southwest Louisiana. they lived in Kickapoo Huts. Which at first were made out of grass then started to be made of buffalo hide. Now, it is believed that most Western Atakapa tribes or subdivisions were decimated by the 1850s, mainly from infectious disease and poverty


They grew corn and beans and hunted and fished. The men mostly hunted. They used bow and arrows to hunt for things like deer, buffalo, and alligator. Occasionally they would fish, using nets, traps, and hooks made of bone. While the women mostly gathered fruit, nut, and wild honey.


Their customs included the use of wet bark for baby carriers and Spanish moss for diapers. Customarily, a father would rename himself at the birth of his first son or if the son became famous.