Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * February 8, 2016* Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

Science Fair:

The Science Fair will be on February 25th. Enjoy creating your projects!

WEB Biography Project

You can turn in the project at any time, however it is due February 26th. Practice presenting your poster before you bring it to school. Each student will read their biography project to the class and other Edison classes too!

Tuesday is a Friday Schedule!

Please be dressed for PE with Mr. Foti on Tuesday!

Valentine's Day

We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 11. Please bring in your cards by the 11th. If you are passing out valentines there must be one for each Second Grader!



This week, we will read about schools in other parts of the word and explore the question, “Why do authors write different kinds of texts?” In the informational text Schools Around the World, we will learn how schools in other parts of the world are the same and different. We will also read a selection of poems about school in School Poems.

Target Vocabulary: culture, community, languages, transportation, subjects, lessons, special, wear

Phonics Skills: Vowel digraphs ee, ea (long e sound)

Spelling Words: free, teach, teeth, please, beach, team, speak, sneeze, meaning, read, between, reason, about, everything, world **feature

Vocabulary Strategy: Using a dictionary

Comprehension Skill: Author’s purpose – tell why an author writes a book

Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/evaluate – tell how you feel about the text and why


This week we will begin a unit on Narrative Writing. We will learn how to write a story with a well-crafted beginning, middle and end. We will learn to write by using your voice or a character's voice and by adding specific details to our stories. We will learn about Narrative writing by looking at some of our favorite authors and how they write.

Social Studies

Our Earth

As we complete Unit 3, we will explore ways in which people have modified the physical environment, such as building roads and clearing land. We will study the interaction between people and their physical environment.

We will prepare for the Our Earth assessment by reviewing and playing games. The end of Unit test will be February 10th.


Chapter 6

Lesson 1

Skip count by 2's.

Solve multiplication word problems.

Lesson 2 (Day 1 and 2)

Use dot paper to multiply by 2.

Use known multiplication facts to find new multiplication facts.

Identify related multiplication facts.

Solve multiplication word problems.

Lesson 3 (Day 1 and 2)

Skip count by 5's.

Solve multiplication word problems.

Game: Skip Fives

Game: Coin and Number Game

100th Day of School!

We will celebrate the 100th day on Tuesday, February 16th by counting to 100 in a variety of ways. We will also read books with the theme of 100 and write creatively about the number 100 in many ways! It will be a fun and exciting day for all! It has been a pleasure to spend 100 days learning with your wonderful children!

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Happy 1/2 Birthday to Cheyenne!

We will celebrate Cheyenne's 1/2 birthday in class this week! Cheyenne will be 7 1/2 on Thursday, February 11th. We will make her a book and celebrate with her!

Mark Your Calendars:

February 9th- Friday Schedule

February 9th- PTA 7:00

February 10th- Talent Show Rehearsal

February 12th- No School Teacher In-service

February 15th- No School

February 17th- Talent Show Rehearsal

February 18th- Kindergarten Roundup Jennings School 1-2:30

February 19th- Pennies For Patients Assembly

February 19th- PTA Family Dinner 6:00

February 22nd- Talent Show Rehearsal

February 25th- Science Fair

February 26th- WEB due


Send a Note to Let Me Know:

Please send in a note or email to notify me if your child is leaving school early or coming to school late. I can order lunch for students arriving late to class and I will be better able to prepare homework and have students packed and ready to leave early without interrupting the class. Thanks!

• Please have your child put their name and number on all assignments.

*Please label all of your child's belongings!

*It is still warm in our classroom, please help your child to dress appropriately and to bring a water bottle each day!