Mrs. Collier's Kids ~ Nov 30-Dec 11

Room 14

Staff: Mrs. Collier, Ms. Elisabeth Z, and Ms. Elizabeth A

Mrs. Collier’s voicemail: 851-6132

Hackmann Office: 851-6200

Themes: Family Nov 16-24; Space Nov 30-Dec 4; Winter Holidays: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah Dec 7-21

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I enjoyed my time with my family in Ste. Genevieve. It was great to be back home J The remainder of the quarter will be spent focusing on the winter holidays and how those around the world celebrate. The children will have an opportunity to travel around the world through stories and activities. We will be looking at a globe and learning about our similarities and differences with children around the world.

The students will be going on the Polar Express in our classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 15th and 16th. Please send your child in their pajamas and we will enjoy hot chocolate while we ride the train and listen to the story of “The Polar Express”.

Please remember to send hats, scarves, and mittens for your child and LABEL the items. They will still play outside for 10 minutes if the wind chill is above 15 degrees. Let me know if you have any questions by phone (851-6132) or email (

Some of the learning objectives over the next two weeks:

*We will pretend to be astronauts during an interactive “Adventures in Space” cd (Dramatic Play)

*We will count stars we will discover as we paint (Math)

*We will be able to identify letters by searching for stars with flashlights in the “galaxy” (letters under the table with a black table cloth) (Literacy)

*We will know how to write the letter “Q and G” plus other letters we have been practicing. We will write in “clouds” (shaving cream) (Handwriting Without Tears & Sensory)

*We will read the Nursery Rhymes: “Play Days” and “Three Blind Mice” (Communication Arts)

*We will be able to write numbers 0-9 and countdown from #10 to blast off in a spaceship (Growing with Math)

*We will be able to understand how the moon looks by creating a model magic moon (Art)

*We will be able to recognize letter-sound correspondence (Literacy)

*We will know how to be SAFE, KIND, and RESPONSIBLE during indoor recess (PBS)

*We will demonstrate how to follow directions and how to ask for what you need or want during activities (Social Skills)

*We will focus on specific vocabulary: sun, moon, asteroid, orbit, planet, Earth, astronaut, space shuttle, constellation, outer space (Science)

Duckling Dates

November 30th – December 11th: Hats and Mittens Drive

December 7th – 11th – Duckling Days – wear your Duckling Shirts!

December 15th & 16th – Polar Express Day in Mrs. Collier’s Class – Wear Your PJ’s to School

December 17th – Tuesday/Thursday Class Christmas Party: LAST DAY for TT

December 21st – Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class Christmas Party: LAST DAY for MWF

December 22nd – January 6th – NO SCHOOL: Christmas Break

Books We Will Share...

“I Want to be an Astronaut” by: Byron Barton

“Now I Know Stars” by: Ray Wandelmaier

“Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, I’m Off to the Moon” by: Dan Yaccarino

““Snowmen at Christmas” by: Carolyn Buehner

“I’ve Seen Santa” by: David Bedford

“The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree” by: Amye Rosenberg


“Becoming a Team Player”

Play board games to practice taking turns and if your child loses, help him understand that they may win the next time. Your child also needs to learn to respect the property of others. Do this by discussing how they might feel if someone destroyed their property.

“Assertiveness Training”

Get your child used to thinking for themselves and speaking up for what he or she wants. To practice, have your child place their order at a restaurant and ask where the bathroom is when at the doctor’s office.

Don't Forget

**This week is the start for our annual "Hats and Mittens" Drive. Children are asked to bring in hats and/or mittens to donate to children in our community who cannot afford them. All hats and mittens will go to the Salvation Army for distribution.

**We are still accepting donations for the "Hackmann Non-Fundraiser Fundraiser". This is something new for our school. We wanted to try this way of fundraising because as opposed to selling items from a catalog and receiving a percentage of the proceeds, we will be able to receive 100% of the proceeds and not ask you to buy items that you may not want or need. Thank you in advance to all who are participating!

**Don't forget to return your permission forms to have the free vision screening for your child. Screenings will be done on Monday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 8. Remember, we WILL NOT be able to screen your child unless we have the signed permission slip.



Food Coloring


Popcorn Kernels

*Does any family have a globe they are looking to donate? Our classroom will take it!