Homemade Jam vs Store Jam

By: Sidney Groene


Is Homemade strawberry's Jam better than Store strawberry jam?

My Hypothesis:

I am doing an experiment to see if strawberry jam made from home grown strawberries will look, taste and smell better then strawberry jam made from store bought strawberries. The reason I am doing this is because store bought strawberries are always so big and beautiful, while the garden strawberries are so little and a deep dark red. I believe the jam made with homegrown strawberries will taste better, but the store bought strawberries will look better.
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My Materials

  • Store brand strawberry's ( any of the brands doesn't matter)
  • Homemade strawberry's ( from a garden or someone else )
  • People ( to test it)
  • Jars
  • Spoon and a bowl


I bought a container of strawberries at HyVee, washed them, took off the stem and cut them up to make 2 cups. I repeated these steps with the homegrown strawberries. Then I followed the recipe and made a batch of jam with each type of strawberry.

My Results/Background Knowledge

During the process I found out that the home grown strawberry's are smaller than the store brand so it takes more of them to make strawberry jam. Also i found out that homemade strawberry's have a more sweeter taste than store brought. (Picture found down below) ( i used this for a 4-h project and it went to state)
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I surveyed 10 people on 3 different categories of color, taste, and smell. They had to rate the strawberries on scale 1-5 with 1 being the the lowest and 5 being the highest. They had to do this from the fresh strawberries and the strawberries from HyVee. I presented my findings on these charts.

My Conclusion

From my testers and my results I found out that the homemade strawberry's are better because they are sweeter and good to use for jam, it is harder to make them since they are so small. On the other hand the store bought strawberry's weren't as sweet as the homemade strawberry's, They are easy to make though.