Roller Coaster

By Michael Reha

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My Custom Roller Coaster

The loops add scariness as well as a break for the mechanics of the Roller Coaster and don’t create as much strain on the Roller Coaster as such other parts. The parts going up and down create momentum as well as the boomerang creating momentum to create an exciting roller coaster many different people will favor throughout their trip in a park.

Unbalanced/Balanced Forces

Throughout the entire Roller coaster there is a Powerfully unbalanced force causing the Coaster to go Forwards as its momentum and speed overpowers the air Resistance or gravity. In most parts of the Rollercoaster the Coaster goes through a feat of unbalanced forces which include going against or with gravity, for an example slopes cause the Coaster to go up which cause a bigger force of Gravity against it, but for going down the slopes the gravity causes it to go even further forward throughout the Track. The only Balanced forces in the Track seem to be the parts when the Coaster is not going up nor is it going down but Gravity and the Support of the Track keeps it in its same state in that certain part of the Track.

Newton's Laws

The First True part of the Rollercoaster uses the Second law with its intensive mass along with the gravity pulling down on it creating acceleration made it to where there was a lot of force going onto the Rollercoaster. Certain parts of the Coaster go upwards or tend to go through quick turns is the third law where the Rollercoaster slows down in reaction to the actions. Throughout the entire Coaster, the ride isn’t stopped and stays in a constant movement that isn’t stopped by anything since nothing was in its way.

Acceleration, Speed, & Velocity

The Rollercoaster has a lot of work with Acceleration; it uses it to move most of the time and tends to really use Gravity to make the Acceleration at a very high level to scare people. The Speed remains relatively high due to the fact that Acceleration keeps the coaster going on. Velocity is relative to the twists and turns on the roller coaster that change speed while changing the direction.