Climate Survey Update

Deadline May 7th at 5:00pm

Facts At A Glance

  • The Climate Survey for district personnel is conducted once in the Fall and once in the Spring.
  • All employees, professional and support, assigned to a campus are expected to take a Climate Survey.
  • The questions included on the Climate Survey for each employee differ according to job category (teachers, principal, support staff, etc).
  • The Climate Survey will be conducted by a third-party company (Texas A&M Public Policy Research Institute), and individual responses will remain confidential.
  • The Climate Survey works best on a PC or a Mac, it doesn't like phones.
  • So far, we are at 65% participation.
  • Don't forget about your incentive!!

Campus Key Actions

1. Increase student academic achievement and close the achievement gap.

2. Increase quality use of data to drive instruction (Quality of Instruction).

3. Improve campus culture and climate.