Hui Aloha Aina

The Hawaiian Control Has Come To An End...


The Hawaiian Kingdom Overthrow made an significant impact due to the works of U.S. Minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland and President William McKinley.

Historical Significance

Thanks to the roles of Minister John Stevens, Presidents Cleveland and McKinley, the overthrow of the Hawaii kingdom was yet accomplished. This topic is important in history because it shows the government changed from a monarchy, constitutional and into a democratic government. The long term significance is that the purpose of the Hawaiian overthrow was to remove all Native Hawaiians and their majority dominance and how it affected its relationship between them and the United States. The things that I want the reader to take away from my project are the lessons that they've learned about the roles of those who participated in the overthrow and its effect of it.

Is Hawai'i legally and lawfully a state of the union?

No, Hawai'i is not legally and lawfully a state of union because of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was unnecessary. By the works of the U.S. Presidents Harrison, McKinley and more, they had the complete power to convince others to annex Hawaii. Although, even if they signed the Joint Resolution the Hawaiians still don't consider Hawaii as a part of the United States.

Supplemental Information

Shown below are 2 pictures of those who were involved in the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom which are Queen Liliuokalani and Sanford Dole.
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