Civil War Foosball Table Project

8th Grade U.S. History

Mrs. Hesseltine, #MMS307

Project Description

This week you will begin to show what you know about the Civil War by working with your classmates to create a working Civil War foosball table out of recycled paper boxes and other materials! This project will count as a major project grade. Please see the RUBRIC section below for details about how this project will be graded.

Foosball Table Project Daily Schedule

Day #1: Tuesday, October 9, 2018

  1. Review details about each side in the war; including flags, colors, and key players.
  2. Watch a video together about how to create a homemade foosball table.
  3. Go over project description, expectations, and rubric together.
  4. Divide into teams and get to work (start working on flags for each side, and start creating players).

Day #2: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

  1. Finish flags for each side.
  2. Finish coloring, and cutting out players.
  3. Glue the players to the clothespins.
  4. Start decorating the outside of your foosball table.
  5. Before you leave, fill out the form here and let me know what you have completed so far!

Day #3: Friday, October 12th, 2018

  1. Measure and mark holes in your recycled paper box for skewers.
  2. Measure and mark the players on the skewers.
  3. Measure and mark the location of the goals.
  4. Complete building your foosball table!
  5. Before you leave, fill out the form here and let me know what you have completed so far!

Day #4: Monday, October 15th, 2018

  1. Complete your Civil War Foosball Table
  2. Review for your upcoming Civil War QUIZ on Wednesday, October 17th
  3. Complete this Final Exit Pass Project Reflection Form

CIVIL WAR BATTLE DAY is on Tuesday, October 16th, 2018! On this day, we will have a Civil War re-enactment of our own (Foosball-table-style). Stay tuned for rules and details...

Civil War Foosball Table Project Rubric



You will be working on a team with your classmates to successfully build a working foosball table! You will be required to be an outstanding team-player. This includes contributing to the foosball table by completing tasks for your team, communicating in a positive manner with your team-mates, and staying on-task and using your time wisely throughout the course of the project. You will be required to complete a self-evaluation on days #2 and #4 of the project.



Your working foosball table should represent the Civil War in the following ways:

  • One team must accurately represent the Union and the other team should accurately represent the Confederacy.
  • Uniform colors, the names of players, battle flags, and any decorations must accurately represent each side in the war.


Your Best Work!

There will be 20 points assigned to the quality of your project! This means that your project should be NEAT and well-thought-out by you and your team-mates. Your team must work together to produce a WORKING foosball table that represents your BEST WORK. The foosball table should be neat and tidy in appearance.


Your foosball table must include the following:

  • 5-6 players per team (Union vs. Confederacy)
  • Each player must have a uniform that is the correct color for the team, and must have his/her first and last name (or just his/her last name) on the uniform.
  • The foosball table must have two skewers per side with 5-6 players on the skewers.
  • The foosball table must be decorated and include at least 3 facts about the advantages for each side (you may include clipart/pictures/paintings/drawings).
  • The name of the war, "The Civil War" and the years of the war (1861-1865) must be present somewhere on the foosball table.
  • Your foosball table must work, and be assembled correctly.
  • The battle flag for each side must be attached to the foosball table.
  • You will be given measurements for the location of the goals and the players on the field (skewers). You must measure and mark these accurately.
  • All writing must include correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar!


Work Hard!

When a person works is VERY noticeable! Effort is easy to spot. Be sure to work hard and give this project your best effort, and it will be acknowledged throughout the project! Examples of EFFORT include:

  • Offering to take on a difficult task for your team.
  • Staying on-task throughout the project.
  • Using an "inside" voice when talking.
  • Going above and beyond!
  • Keeping your work space clean.

Also included in this part of your grade is a project evaluation form where you will have the opportunity to write about your contributions to the project, as well as the contributions made by your team-mates!

Project Resources

Are you looking for some more information about the Civil War? Use these resources!

Pages 510-543 of our social studies textbook (grab a classroom copy).

The Civil War Trust has some outstanding information, battle maps, and resources.

The Civil War Trust Animated Video & Map: The Entire Civil War in 30 Minutes

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