Battle Of Galveston , Texas

January 1,1863

Battle Summary

Fall of 1862, President Lincoln stepped up Union military operations in the Trans-Mississippi areas. Cotton was running through Texas's blockaded ports and Mexico's unblockaded ports in exchange for arms and supplies to support Confederate armies. But even more important to Lincoln was a show of force in the area, both to counter France's invasion of Mexico and to discourage that foreign power from aiding the Confederacy. By the end of October, a Union gunboat flotilla commanded by Com. William B. Renshaw had closed all the major harbors in Texas's 385 miles of Gulf coast.

The Purpose...

The purpose of the Battle Of Galveston,Texas was an effort to engage the Union Fleet in Galveston Harbor.

Who Won...

It never says who won but it is proven that Outnumbered six to two by the Northern ships, the Neptune was severely damaged by the Union Fleet and eventually sank. While the Neptune was quickly disabled, the Bayou City succeeded in capturing the USS Harriet Lane.

Important People

Weaponds!!! :)

Weapond they used...

They toke all of their weapons, ammunition, supplies, and whatever they could carry with them , and used them for battle. That includes machetis, guns ,Hammers ,swords etc...

Deaths on Both sides

Losses numbered 26 killed and 117 wounded.


The transportation they used were ships and cause the battle was taken in the Galveston Bay.

Medical Health!!

By those times they din't have much doctors but they were medical facilities for the captians ussally by thoes times the doctors were very, very hard to find.

Living conditions!! :)

There was slavery going on there too in the 1800's by that time president Lincon stop slavery and they were a middle-class state and they dedclared war on April 15 ,1861 but this was without result. Fort Sumter, in the harbor of Charleston, S. C., was occupied by United States troops and a formal demand for its surrender was made by the Confederate authorities. The demand was refused and on April 12, 1861, Confederate forces fired on the fort. Two days later Fort Sumter was surrendered to the Confederacy, and the next day, April 15, President Lincoln issued a call for volunteers to "preserve the Union" by force of arms. The war was on!