Elizabeth Cady Stanton

By: Lauren West


Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for women's suffrage. She didn't think that it was fair that women couldn't vote. She hated that men were the only ones to vote.Stanton made a best friend named Susan B. Anthony. Anthony and Stanton both fought for women's suffrage. Also Woodrow Wilson fought for women's suffrage when he was a man!


Stanton was born on November 12,1815. And died on October 26,1902. When she was little, she was still fighting. She hated that women couldn't vote. So her and Anthony never gave up until they died. Stanton got married twice and had seven kids!

How She Fought

She spoke speeches and wrote drafts. One draft was called, " The Declaration of Women's Rights. With all the support of all the other people, Women got the right to vote once they are 18. And that goes for men too so it is fair.
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