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Vol. 1, No. 5, June 2019

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Welcome to the Fronterra Gazette. This newsletter was created to enhance communication in your community and to keep Fronterra residents up to date on neighborhood happenings, events, meeting dates, and much more!


That's right! Fronterra is now the proud owner of a website! WOW! "Why is this great for me?" you may be asking. Well, because it's a one-stop shop for all of your HOA needs! Need to pay your bill? You can do that here. Want to reserve the Clubhouse for a party? Need a pool key? The list goes on and on! The first thing you should do is register for access to the site. So go check it out! Life just got better...

The 411 on the Pool

Summer is in full swing and so is activity at the pool! Have you ever wondered when the pool gets cleaned, how often, and who checks the chemicals? Community pools, like Fronterra's, are commercial Class C pools and have specific standards that must be maintained. The pool at Fronterra is professionally cleaned three times a week. The chemicals are electronically monitored and automatically replenished as needed. One thing we are struggling with this year is the construction going on directly behind the pool. The wind is constantly blowing the stirred up dirt and debris into the pool area so in between cleanings, things may not look as neat and tidy as on cleaning days. If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of the pool or bathrooms, please send an email to


Your next assessment payment is DUE July 1st! Please make sure you have your payment ready to go. Not sure how to do that? Click below to make your payment online!

Summer Parties! Need Space?

Consider reserving the Clubhouse for your next party! Reserving has gotten a lot easier with the new website. Follow these steps!

  1. Check the calendar to see if your desired date and time is available.
  2. Fill out the form and send it to
  3. Please allow 1-2 business days for KiTH Management to respond to your email confirming your event date.

Some things to consider before you book your reservation:

  • The reservation cost is $85 for a minimum of four (4) hours. You will be charged $25 for each additional hour beyond the initial four (4).
  • Your reservation may not exceed eight (8) total hours and must conclude (clean up included) by 11:00pm Sunday -Thursday and 12:00am Friday and Saturday.
  • The exclusive use of the pool is NOT included in your reservation.
  • 3 - 6ft rectangular tables and 30 folding chairs are provided for your use.
  • While there IS a refrigerator, there is NOT a stove.
  • In lieu of a security deposit, the Board of Directors and/or the management company reserves the right to assess a Special Assessment for any cleaning fees, damages, or other costs associated with the reservation.
  • If you will be requesting use of the pool for your party, you must hire a lifeguard and provide KiTH Management with a copy of your contract before your event.


When is my HOA assessment due? How much is it?

Assessments are DUE the first day of January, April, July and October.

HOA assessment fees vary depending on which part of Fronterra you reside in.

  • Non-gated: $480 per year, collected quarterly
  • Gated: $940 per year, collected quarterly

You can pay your assessments online. Please scroll down towards the end of this newsletter for a quick link button.

Can I pay my HOA bill online?

Yes you can! You may initiate an automatic payment (ACH/E-Check) to have your payment automatically drafted directly from your bank account on a recurring basis or for a one-time payment. There is NO CHARGE for this service and it eliminates the need to schedule and mail checks. You will need your account number, the Management Company ID, and the Association ID. See below:

  • Management Company ID - 7405
  • Association ID - WPMC

Click on the button "Pay my HOA Bill" to be taken directly to the website address.

Help! My pool key won't work! What do I do?

Don't panic! Here's what you do:

  1. Take photos of all the numbers listed on your key card and email them to
  2. Include your name, address, and the date of the last time you tried using it.

Helpful Contact Information

Reserve the Clubhouse:

Request access to the portal:

Request a pool key:

Steering Committee (Patricia Arnold, James Crawford & Rolando Salazar):

Community Manager:

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