Chocolat Délice

You Deserve Some Chocolate Today!

Our company sells the best cupcakes at 2013 Trade Show at Allan A. Martin

Do you ever feel liking having that one amazing dessert?
Well your answer is in our hands as we, Chocolat Délice sell a scrumptious product called Choco-licious. Choco-licious is a wonderful product for chocolate and cupcake lovers. It's okay if you aren't one of them because our product will turn you one of them. Choco-licious consists of a cupcake in a chocolate bowl, with homemade icing. So while you eat choco-licious so get the tasty chocolate bowl, yummy cupcake and that final touch of wonderful homemade icing!

Don't Forget To Visit Chocolat Délice at this year's Trade Show

IBT Trade Show 2013

Thursday, May 9,2013

Remember to stop by our booth and check out our delicious dessert