Traffic in the Hallways

Steer out of the hallways Coppell!

Broken Phones

Lately, there have been large crowds of people all clustered together, stalling in the middle of the hallways, preventing incoming flow. Coppell High School students have reported multiple incidents where their phones or other personal belongings have been lost or destroyed. "One day when I was walking to my fourth period class, I was texting and ran into a group of people." Reported one student Monday morning. "The sudden halt caused me to drop my phone, and by the time I found it on the floor," she added, "the screen was cracked." By further taking the initiative to either stand near the sides, or avoid using the hallways mainly for socializing purposes, we can prevent losing prized valuables and continue with another successful year here at CHS!

"More than 160,000 people in the U.S. die yearly from an infectious disease..." —Healthy Schools, Healthy People

Poor Health

On top of all that commotion, students are more likely to be exposed to infectious germs and diseases, (such as bacteria and parasites) with all this swarming around in the hallways. These illnesses may have undesirable effects, including the common cold or flu. "These germs can spread easily from one person to another, and have wide reaching-effects," stated Camille Peri, contributor of WebMD. These miserable effects may cause one to stay home from school for days, only to come back to school bombarded with make-up work. Sound fun to you? No, I didn't think so.

If we all begin to use the hallways of Coppell High School in an orderly manner, ceasing to create more congestion than there already exists, we can all work together to better prevent the spread of germs!