Mrs. Hardy, Room 206-207

Field Trip on Friday!

We are heading to the Performing Arts Center in Anchorage for DINOLIGHTS! Please be at the school by 9:30 on Friday. Students will need to bring a sack lunch from home, or if you need your student to have a lunch packed from the school lunchroom, please let me know! Students are asked NOT to bring electronics on the bus. If you would like to send your student with a cell phone, please discuss with them that it must remain off and should only be used in emergencies. The PAC does not want photography during the performance. Thank you!

We will be back to the school by 3:00. I am so excited for this...electrifying experience!!

(This is a picture from our chromatography unit!)

What to expect in Quarter 4...

3rd Grade Math: We begin our measurement unit with emphasis on: time and elapsed time, money, and standard measurement units (inches, feet, yards, etc.). We will also begin exploring perimeter and area, as well as looking at classifying 2-D objects.

4th Grade Math: We will also begin a measurement unit! Emphasis on: standard and metric measurement, 2-D shapes and classification, vertices, angles, line segments, and beginning data graphing.

5th Grade Math: Another measurement unit! (Did you plan this, Mrs. Hardy?) 5th Graders are focusing on: standard and metric measurement conversions, graphing data, liquid measurement and volume.

Given the overlap across the grades, we will be doing a fair amount of hands on projects and modules throughout the units. How better to learn measurement than to measure things?

Reader's Workshop/Writer's Workshop: We will be focusing our energy on fables, myths, and folktales, and stories that are written to entertain and persuade. Students will be using constellation stories that they worked in the Quarter 3 to create some stop motion animation and short films (exciting!). We will also be practicing some test taking strategies and reading informative texts in our Seeds of Science unit.

Seeds of Science: Planets and Moons: Investigations 2, 3, and 4! You will see some take-home work (I guess that would be homework...hmmm...) coming with these investigations. This will be interesting, considering how much daylight we are gaining...kids, don't use this as an excuse to stay up past your bedtime! :)

Social Studies: There's gold in that there classroom! The Great Land Auction should be wrapped up tomorrow, and we will start gridding off the classroom. Last week, the students made scaled maps of our classroom and began planning their land purchases. They are using money (Hardy Bucks) that they earned throughout the year and are able to buy land throughout the room. It is interesting to see the strategies the kids are using.

Citizenship: Class jobs are back on the market this week! Each student will have one job assigned to them (a small job) that they must complete in addition to completing their weekly assignment sheet. They don't get paid on Fridays without that assignment sheet! Where does that sheet go when you are not using it? Classwork folder? Sure! Homework folder? I'll allow it! In your desk? Meh-not my favorite. Crumpled up in the bottom of your backpack? Whoa, whoa, whoa. No way, man.

Thank you for all that you do! Mrs. Hardy