May Update

from White Family Homemade

Gearing up for the Arnold Farmer's Market!

It starts on May 7! We'll be there every Saturday from 8am-Noon, so stop by and see us. We'll have a selection of our handmade and glycerin soaps, solid lotion bars, and wax melts, plus we've perfected our soap bags and starting May 14, we will have those available, as well.
We love ALL things Energy. It's an amazing fragrance that we've used in nearly everything - glycerin soap, handmade soap, lotion, wax melts, and more.

Valley Park Resale & Flea Market

We have a new location at the VP Flea - go in the main entrance, walk past the front desk, and you'll find out spot on the back left wall. We have our usual huge variety of wax melts, plus a new batch of glycerin soaps. The Flea is located at the intersection of Highway 141 and Marshall Road in Valley Park, just north of I-44.
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Connect with us!

Our home/manufacturing facility is not open to the public, but there are many other ways to contact us!
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