Thank you for everything!

a tribute to the women in my life

This goes out to Judy, Kiana, Kamela, & Demi

My mom and my three sisters have held me down ever since the day I was born. They have all taught me life lessons in their own way and I bond with them more everytime I get the chance to talk to them or see them. I love them so much and without them I wouldn't be the young woman that I am transforming into today!


Oh Demi Faye, boy do I love you to death. You have me in absolute tears whenever I hear your weird laugh. You make me want to be the best big sister I can be so Dad and Bri can brag about me to you just like they did KiKi to me. Just kidding :) You bring out the best in me and I never thought I could love a little person so much in my life if it weren't my kid, until I met you. We had rocky start but your the brightest and coolest cat I know. Thank You D-Mite!