Positive Uses of the Internet

How you SHOULD use the internet

A very positive use of the internet is development. When we use the internet, we are exploring. It can make people happy, especially younger kids, because they are making things happen on the screen. Usage of the internet can help children’s physical, cognitive, and social skills. It introduces an independent learning environment and lets kids chat with others in many different ways. Also, besides being an educational tool, it is for entertainment, such as games or videos.

Whenever you go on the internet, you are in some way benefitting from it. If you go on Facebook, you are improving communication skills and same with Twitter. The internet has also helped to improve the world. Governments definitely benefit from the internet. Internet also makes lots of things easier for average people, whether it’s helping you get a pizza without having to go out, or shopping for items on eBay. Internet really has helped us.