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The world, the world needs to change the way people approach. Suddenly the old song takes off key meaningful. Feelings, Emotions, Trust, friendship, a relationship of that nature takes new meaning. It seemed to be about the same fragrant. mandatory With the jail environment Had her somewhere khatakayala Was. Vadilanca mother-love, and sex, Dumped them easy interface Need of her very strongly Was. your life Away something that is missing Seemed to her. Something ?? What is something ?? what ' If the missing ?? Love ?? Mother-vadilancam love ?? I- Father's society? Dialogue with them ?? Yes !!! Weather was missing this. But a 14-15 Year girl know all this clear? Sharply maturity ticyata Was ?? So much sense ticyata Was ?? No !!! Interesting !!!

What about your life, your parents callam ahehe I did not know her. and In such cases, I-me Baba did not need me. is needed That only my good study, Good Markanda, this neo-new mistake Just had to head home. ticam Age short, so this idea that native Breaking out some natevaikampudhe. but the Finally, it is so called Indian Relatives. How Chance leave ?? to Without question this muddamuna just thoughts Do you want to support him. I-just mind Vadilambaddala going increasing hatred. I- Father did not know about. Since the mother being passionate train, kill She studies her writing. Baba never come to the secret nature And do not tamper madhata of fragrant. She was struck in the tenth class. Ticam was growing old. preserving Its growing the courage Was. Ticam was started loneliness. S he was angry. Since the 10th year of ICTs friends Study their writing Were engaged. But this study, however, from the cut Calli were. Go to school ticam Low beamed. Go class tuition She was leaving dilam. In such cases, when the maternal phone Its mother to tell them, What is the opinion fragrant? It was a waste of our name ..... Soils gone milavayala. 90% If one has a vita arena ... 10 Even though we were Good luck. Like all food, drink, clothes-rag ... but She finally Its knows Shown. Mother's passionate nature, On the way to bring a fragrant there was no way to feel. But against his mother's words She was forever broken. All-maitriniha friends Reddy was ticyapasuo duravale. Just thoughts to support relatives This just now And I just started laughing-vadilanvala Was.

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Janmadatyanni shown competence ....... Kodhi picked a finger on her lips character ..... Some jadutonyamule her infatuation lagalyacam Caracaughanna ..... seems like he meant, it is not that intention Was clear. Year 's small fragrant. S the problem so Her maturity has not been handled. I- Her father was asleep No. mitra maitrininni text Phiravali relatives smiles .... To be had. Comefertable all At the end of the same options e For ......... "suicide" Please Visit hindisms site