Christmas Concert Committee

November 2022

Oakville Suzuki Association - Christmas Concert 2022

Sunday, Dec. 18th, 1-5pm

1280 Dundas Street West

Oakville, ON

osa parent volunteers needed

The Christmas Concert is our largest multi-instrument concert and fundraiser bringing together our musicians and families for a festive and joyous event. We are so happy to be returning to having this event back in person!

We are calling upon parents at this time to join our Christmas Concert Committee in the following roles:

  1. Bake Sale Lead - 1 for each concert (Junior and Senior)
  2. Door Prize Lead - 1 for Thursday groups, 1 for Piano/Flute
  3. Registration Table Lead - 1 for each concert (Junior and Senior)
  4. Refreshment Table Lead - 1 or 2 volunteers
  5. Parent Volunteer Lead - 1 for each concert (Junior and Senior)

This group of parents will meet together with members of our Events Committee and Ops Team during the month of November to discuss their role to help make this Christmas Concert a success with our collective work.

For a more detailed description of each job on the Christmas Concert Committee, please read below:

Can you help us?