by:Faith Martinez

Issues of Droughts:

  • Their is a major loss of water
  • Not healthy for plants,humans,animals,etc..

Droughts Negative Effects on The Evoirment

Droughts are very dangerous and unhealthy.Humans,animals,and plants could all die due to dehydration.


  1. what are the main regions in North America affected by droughts? Ohio River Valley and California
  2. What wildlife is most affected by droughts? Fish,Butterfly's,and Joshua Tree's
  3. Do droughts affect our lives in League City?If not,could it ever reach our area? Yes, droughts do affect League City but usually end after the summer time when it rains more
  4. Are people affected by droughts?If so,explain how? Yes,people are affected by this because they can have a food/supply shortage
  5. What causes droughts to occur? No rainfall for a long period of time
  6. How can droughts be prevented? Reducing your amount of water usage
  7. What would your solution be? Using a reasonable amount of water throughout the day
Texas Sized Drought