The Amazon Rainforest

By: Peyton Fadely


Every single minute, of every day, a chunk of a rain forest the size of three football field are disappearing forever. THAT IS REALLY BAD! That is why I'm making this poster, to spread awareness about deforestation.

Important Facts About The Amazon Rainforest

  • The Amazon Rain Forest is very big covering 1.4 billion acres of land. This large rain forest holds 10% of the world known animal species and 20% of the worlds bird species.
  • About 80% of our food comes from forests. So if the Amazon Rain forest gets cut down we will lose 80% of our food.
  • Over 25% of natural medicines come from rain forests, without these we wouldn't have a lot of medicine that some people need to survive.

Challenges That the Amazon Rainforest Faces

  • The Amazon Rain forest is quickly going away. The Amazon Rain forest alone is going away about 20,000 square miles a year. The severe droughts in 2005 and 2010 didn't help either.
  • Power plants and many other industries burn and cut trees to generate electricity.
  • Cattle and Agriculture industries burn trees to have land for ranching, crops, and grazing.


The Amazon Rainforest is in great danger,it is clearing a way very fast and needs support for the rainforest to survive. It has many resources that the people of South America need to survive. I think the Amazon Rainforest is very important to the people of South America. They use the forest for food, shelter, and medicine. STARO is an organisation that is to support Brazil preserving the Amazon Rain forest. They would also like to make a sustainable way of living for the forest residents.