My Top Twelve Interests


Football is one of my favorite things in life. It relieves stress, is great exercise, and i get to hit people and be rewarded for it. It is important for everyone to have an healthy outlet from life. It allows to stay happy, healthy and active. Also it is great motivation to keep my grades up.


When ever i am bored i can listen to music and write music. It stimulates the brain and is good for you, it is a much better use of my time than TV or video games. I like staying creative the artistic process is great for you. It improves concentration skills as well as many other things.


Movies are one of my favorite pass times. I don't like any of the traditional movies, my favorites are the Quentin Tarantino films. Ive seen all his movies at least twice. The one i enjoy the most is Inglorious Bastards.


I enjoy looking my best. Some think It is odd for a 15 year old kid to shop at Banana Republic and use after shave. But when you look good you feel good and being confident is very important in life. It helps me feel %100 so i perform %100.


When i feel depressed and trapped by all the negativity in my life my best escape is books. I can leave my mind and enter the world the book has greater. I truly believe knowledge is power. It is cunning that made man on tap. I am always looking for ways to improve my mind.


I love working out. I always feel refreshed and energized after a workout. When I'm exercising on a regular basis i am always alert and ready to take on the day. Everyone gets a high off something in life. I get mine after a good workout!


Something that is very difficult for me is to let my thoughts be and not be my thoughts. I often find my myself over thinking things and regretting decisions. Mediation has allowed to find peace of mind among other things. While meditating the answers always become clear so i can maintain a happy life.

Giving Back

I believe very strongly in Buddhism. I believe in karma and that what you put out to the world is what you will recieve in return. I always rise to any oppurtunity to do the right thing like sticking up for someone who may not be confident enough to deal with the confrontation or something simple as helping someone pick up there stuff when they drop it.

My Brother

My brother is my role model. He inspired me to pay football and bring my grades back up in a very dark tine for me. Ive always wanted to be like him, he would always get mad because he would always find me wearing his clothes. He is always nice and respectful and everyone likes him. It is important to have a role model to base yourself off of and I'm very grateful i have my big brother.


i don't know what i would do without school. I'm the kind of person who goes crazy being shut in and not able to do anything. With school even though i get very tired of sometimes is awesome. I get to see my friends and work hard which always leaves me feeling good at the end of the day.

In and out burger

My favorite meal is in an out burger. I could live off it for years! i am an extremely picky eater but i am always in the mood for a burger and fries. Even though my family gets sick of it.

Long Boarding

Riding my bored is one of the greatest feelings ever. Theres nothing like cruising down a long smooth street in the cold morning and feeling the air. It is so much fun and its great exercise. When ever my mind is fogged riding clears it right up.