By Kevin Nguyen

Now, I'm the Predator

I have a very good shot. I was in a tree sitting on the branch bored out of my life, when I heard moving in the bush in front of me. I raised my gun and aimed at the moving bush. A slit second later a deer leaped out and I pulled the trigger and closed my eyes. Once I opened them, there was a deer laying on the ground eyes open satring at me.

I hate being patient

I think I was clear on the title above this text. I hate waiting for the animal to show up. the only thing I like is to actualy shoot the animal.My dad always says "The longer you wait and keep your calm, the bigger the catch and the better your patience." so everytime I get angry because of waiting, I will alsways think of my dad when he said that.


I am not the owner of these pictures, I have gotten all of my pictures on google images