Lake Worth Loves Great Teachers

What Great Teachers Do Differently

So Why Look at Great?

We learn from everyone

Both Effective and Ineffective People

So we can always gain good ideas from a successful educator (great teacher) and such ideas can not be learned from visiting the classroom of an ineffective teacher.

It Will be a Roller Coaster of a Year

Studies show that each new teacher on average can relate to this first year curve. Can you?

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Good teachers know -

"Just do what is right, no matter what others do around you"

On page 116 in Todd Whitakers book What Great Teachers do differently, 17 things that matter most, he talks breifly about culture and caring. When underlying attitude and tone are a concern and some staff habitually made sarcastic and derogatory remarks, it was best to not respond at all. That is what great teachers do. They do what is right no matter what else is going on.
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