international SPACE STATION

Leaving earth

Five four three two one the space shuttle blasts off. The seven astronauts on the shuttle are away from earth and into space. Three of the seven astronauts will live at the international space station for 90 days. Astronauts go into space to learn how it is different from earth. Before they leave earth, the astronauts learn how to work eat sleep in space.

Places to live in space

The shuttle has two decks. The lower deck is used for eating and sleeping. The upper deck is used for experiments. This is also where most of the shuttle,s controls are. The international space station is much larger than a space shuttle. It has bedrooms a kitchen a science lab and a radio center. When it is finished it well be as big as three houses. On the international space station experiments and controls cover the walls.

space for rent

The station will be more than 350 feet long as long as a 30 story building is tall. It will weigh about a million pounds. It seems as if something that heavy would fall down and really , the station does as the station circles earth it slowly gets closer and closer to the planet. If a window smashed or cracked that could cause death to other people in the hotel.


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