Vaccinations, Should You Get Them

By: Otto Dunn

My Opinion

I agree with vaccines because vaccines have helped mankind thrive through the ages. People that don't vaccinate cause a risk to other people in that society.

Why You Should Vaccinate

Vaccines are what have kept us living for a long time. If some people don't get vaccines and then they get the disease they put the other people at risk of getting the disease. Vaccines can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

The Facts

Most of the deadliest diseases from way back when were eradicated thanks to vaccines. The reason some of those horrible diseases are coming back is because some people don't vaccinate which gives the disease a chance to make a comeback.

The Other Side

Some people have had very bad experiences with vaccines. Some children die from the side effects of vaccines. Also some religions believe that vaccines are a sin and believe that natural expose is the best vaccine.


Vaccinations can have positive and negative outcomes. Sometimes vaccines can save your life and sometimes they can cause allergic reactions or harm and some people don't vaccinate because of religious beliefs. All in all, vaccines can be very successful or they can take a life.