What should you do?


1) Almost 43% of the people online are being harassed or being bullied.

2) Bullied people are more likely to do suicide than people who aren't bullied.

3) Some people don't even tell an adult.

Safe ways to protect yourself from cyberbullying.

Tell the bully to stop.

Protect your account and make it personal.

If someone else is being cyberbullied take action and stand up for that person.

Safe ways to respond to cyberbullying.

Cut off the communication between you and the bully.

Seek help when someone is cyberbullying you.

Contact the police no matter the threat.

How to report cyberbullying.

1) Don't respond to the bullies message.

2) Keep the evidence of the bullies message.

3) Block the bully.


You can go to jail.

You can get suspended from school and kicked off of sport teams.

Tyler Clementi.

When Tyler was in college he was cyberbullied. These kids named Ravi and Wei posted a video showing Tyler in a room with another man. After the video went viral Tyler went suicidal and jumped off George Washington bridge at the age of 18.