How to get better at Smite

By Ryan Denney

How to get better at Smite

Smite is an online Moba where players can step into the shoes of a god and fight other players to the death and this is how you can get better
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Wards are your best friend

Wards in smite are your best friend in here is why. Wards allow you to see the enemy's around it. This allows you to create plans based on where they are as the enemy was planing to catch you off guard you can ambush them instead

All gods are strong if used properly but based on the meta others trive

Currently with the release of season 3 the meta has changed we are currently of a meta where gods with cc thrive meaning gods with a large amount of crowd control such as stuns slows roots ect are strong but gods can still do well without these things for example Ah Muzen Cab he has no escape but massive damage with no cc. Not thriving but strong

Master one god in every class

Mastering one god in every class is a very valuable thing. It gives you a lot of versatility and makes you able to play well instead of hindering your team.

Learn every gods kit

I know this sounds like a lot but this is very important learn the kit/ability's of every god in the game so you are not taken by surprise this may seem a bit crazy but currently in smite there are 74 gods all with 4 ability's that means there are 296 ability's in smite but the more you play against the gods or play them the more you will learn about there kit

Learn Vgs (Voice Guided System)

Vgs is the voice guided system a huge part of Smite is communication and if you dont have curse you have to learn how to use vgs. typing is a waist of time in smite

Get mastery one with every god

This will allow you to pick gods for your team mates in ranked games so say your teammate really wants to play bakasura you can pick bakasura for him and he can pick a god for you

Play the game.

You cant just watch people play sports and be good at them. They take practice and the same rules apply to smite