Marble Cake

By Joe Buden

Marble Cake

On the 10th of June, my partner and I created a marble cake. The cake was a mixture of vanilla and chocolate cake, with some small amounts chocolate blocks sprinkled on the top.

The cake was soft and dry, and nigh uncooked in the centre. On the outskirts of the cake, it was crispy and golden, and like mud in the centre. In the centre, you could even taste the egg in the mixture, which had thickened to some extent, but not fully cooked.

The cake smelt of chocolate and vanilla, with the chocolate blocks on the top providing an overpowering scent of cocoa.

Overall, the cake was rather dry, excluding the centre, which could barely be called cooked, more along the lines of slightly warmed. The cake looked swirled, mixing the chocolate and the vanilla mixture.

During the practical, I believe I worked with decent work ethic and correct technique. I could have worked faster and more efficiently, however. We put our cake in the oven quite late, which could have been the source of the lack of a cooked cake in the centre of our oven. Overall, I believe we could improve, but we worked rather well.

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