Women In The War

The Paycheck

The paycheck is when you work and you get paid through a piece of paper. This was helpful for women to keep going in their jobs. The more money you get the better you'll live.

Women in war

Pay check by Women in war

The American Flag

The American Flag was very helpful to those who were in battle and those who were in America building supplies. Americans would look up and see the American Flag and believe in themselves even more than they did before. Americans would put their right hand over their hearts and say the "Pledge of Allegiance" and have pride in America.

Women in war

American Flag by Women in war

The Jet

The Jet was a fast new invention in the 1900's it really helped those in war. It helped them be safe while spying on enemies. It was fast and flew like a bird in the sky. It spread fear into those who were the target.

Women in war

The Jet by Women in war

Rosie The Riveter

Rosie the Riveter was a big help on getting women to believe in themselves and go work on dangerous machines, even risk their lives by dressing up like men and fighting. She was a made up symbol, but to women and others she was a human being who pushed people to do things they could have never done.

Women in war

Rosie the Riveter-Eliana by Women in war

The Women Building Weopns

Women throughout Word War 2 were helping to build weapons for war. Some stayed and went to work immediately in factories. Some worked on jets, tanks and even battle ships.

Women in war

The women build weapons-Stephanie by Women in war

Incomplete Car

The incomplete car was one of millions of cars that were never finished. They weren't finished because the War Production Board made the manufactures stop manufacturing cars to build weapons for the war.

Women in war

The incomplete car-Eliana by Women in war
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