Ancient Greece's history

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Accomplishments of Pericles

The accomplishments of Pericles, the Athenian leader, helped democracy by making the Athens a beautiful city. The Acropolis, the religious center of the Athens, had been destroyed in 480 B.C, during one of the cities many wars. Pericles decided to rebuild the Acropolis and create new buildings to glorify the city.

The builders of the new Acropolis brought Greece to its highest point in architecture. Their most significant work was the Parthenon, a temple made for Goddess Athena. The temple was made of fine marble. Rows of columns surrounded it at all times. A statue rose 40 feet up in the air.

The Worshiped Gods and Goddesses of Greece.

Influence of the Greek Gods

The gods and goddesses of ancient Greece were told to have the power of the Earth. Each god or goddess had a different power. But, all of them worked together to control the balance of the Earth. The Greeks honored the different gods and goddesses in different ways. For example the ancient Greeks honored the goddess Athena by making her a statue made of marble 40 feet tall. Zeus had the power of the gods he could do anything. Zeus is the supreme god of ancient Greek mythology.

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Visual and Dramatic Arts


Today, the Athenian leader Pericles is best known for making the Athens a beautiful city. The Acropolis was destroyed in a war. One of the many wars. Pericles decided to rebuild the Acropolis and create new buildings.

Greeks used Visual and Dramatic Arts

The Greeks used arts in their lives by devoting great attention to their arts. Greeks used Visual arts, such as sculptures architecture, to glorify and honor the gods. The ancient Greeks are also known to have the first playwrights, or people who write plays.

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I liked learning about the architecture they used and learning what gods or goddesses they cherished.