Attributes valued by employers

Specific Skills

A specific skill that would be valued by the employer would be your technical knowledge about the area of work your getting assigned too. This is because a programmer must be able to be understanding and knowledgeable about a variety of different languages so they can then provide code using that language. An example of this would be there are 2 different languages such as Java and BASIC; these are both different types of code as Java is an object orientated code and BASIC is a procedural programming language, this shows that there is a massive variety of codes, therefore technical knowledge is looked at when conveying a CV, this helps them decide what sort of area you can work in within their company. Another skill would be the work attitude of the person that the employer would employ, for example as an employer, you want someone who is a problem solver and a quick thinker with a good work ethic; this is needed due to programming being quite difficult at some stages, which will result in issues which will need to be solved and through having a good work ethic you will work through the problems and therefore help the company and the programmers.

Another skill conveyed by the employers would be the using your initiative and following the health and safety regulations; if a worker is quite knowledgeable on this subject they will be a lot more safer at work and do less silly things hat could end up going wrong. Following health would mean looking clean and presentable to the public, this helps as it shows you are professional about your job, and it keeps the workspace clean.

General Attributes

General attributes consist of a wide amount of attributes that are valued by the employer.

To begin with, an employer values a workers planning skills because it is important to get work done within a certain period and so through planning; the work can be set up into certain steps which can be done by several programmers at one time, which is very efficient and therefore a good attribute to have.

Another attribute would be organisational skills; an employer values this skill because work done by this individual can be easily found if their organised, which is very good for the business as it means people can finish their work quicker due to them knowing where the work they need to do is located.

Time management is also another attribute admired by an employer because it means the worker has the ability to set their work up in certain time slots and therefore have it done before its deadline, having this ability is crucial when programming because deadlines need to be meeted as your business in competing with other business for sales, and therefore it must be made by your business first.

Another attribute valued by an employer is team working; this is because creating a new system or code requires a lot of steps. This is because programming requires lots of collaboration and this will require the worker to have a clear and loud voice in order for the others to hear as well as being able to have the patience to listen to others, this is important as ideas can help improve the program as well as making it easier for the programmers themselves.

Verbal attributes are valued by the employer as there workers must be able to talk to each other so they can work better as a team. The worker would need to be confident and loud and clear to his audience of workers so that they understand each step of his idea, so it can be followed perfectly, therefore this is an important attribute as it allows programmers to communicate with each other efficiently and furthermore not waste time.

Another attribute that is valued by the employer would be the worker's written communication skill because this allows workers to contact each other without needing to speak, as the workers may not always be in the same room. Having good written communicational skills would be having nice and clear writing as well as being able to spell words to a decent degree so that the other people within the business can read and understand what is needed to be done.

Having numeric and creative capabilities is also an important attribute valued by the employer because this allows shows that the worker is quite knowledgeable with numbers which is important when working with binary sequences as the numbers must be added accordingly in order for correct results. Creativity is important as it can provide your work style with something new, which can help make things more attractive within a workplace due to this worker using creativity in order to make changes to the current work codes, this can help boost profits within a business as the user interface provided by the programmer may make the page look more attractive to the user.


A workplace attitude is valued by an employer because having helpful and hardworking members will help speed productions as well as creating a better workplace to work in.

An example would be a determined attitude this is important to have because it means you're a hard worker and you will stick with the work shown to you until you have completed it, this is a good attitude to have when in a workplace because it helps get difficult work done and furthermore make the employer happy as the deadlines are always handed in on time.

An independent attitude is also valued by the employer because this shows that you can do work by yourself and that you can work in a team as well as by yourself, this is good to have within a team because it means people can do their work whenever they want as they know they are smart enough to do it.

Integrity is also another attitude that is valued by the employer because it shows that the worker will be honest to his team and his superiors, this is good to have in a workplace because it will create arguments in discussions which is helpful as it can help pick out flaws within the current system, having this sort of attitude allows products to improve within the workplace due to there being people who will tell them the problems of the product that is in design.

Tolerance is also another attitude valued by the employer because it shows that the worker has patience and is sensible within the team; this will make him a good listener as this attribute shows that he listens to people without showing any sort of irritation and therefore having team members with this attribute would be good due to them being able to listen to each other without causing problems.

Being dependable is also important because it shows that the team can rely on you to get your work done as well as to help them out whenever they become confused about a certain step within the task there suppose to do. This is a valued attitude because it shows you can get work done and can also be helpful around the workplace.

A problem solving attitude is another valued attitude because it shows your will work hard at solving problems within the data you have stored as well as coding issues that are problematic for the others. This is valued as it allows the workers to work hard on difficult steps within designing there system and therefore they make alternative solutions to the current ideas, making them ideal within a team.

Leadership is important within a workplace because it gives the other members confidence within everything you tell them to do as a leader is usually knowledgeable and cool headed in many subjects and so it helps the team when they counter problems within their codes as through his guidance they can easily solve the problem. This is valued because it helps the workers efficiency as they always know which member they can speak to in order to know what to do next.

Having confidence is important because it makes the other members of the team confident as it looks like you know what you're doing and therefore would be valued by an employer due to the effect it has on the other members.

Motivational attitudes are also another valued attitude wanted by the employer because you can have an effect on all the members of the team, you can help motivate them and encourage them to do tasks they couldn't do before. This is a valued skill due to it making workers happy as they get help when they're stuck.

General Communication Skills

To begin with talking with people of different cultures; in order for it to be successful we must respond to them in an nice, clear and friendly manner in order for them to feel at ease. Also we could learn a bit about their culture in order to see how they live and what they would generally like and dislike in order for our conversation to be good; for example there are many people of different ethics and beliefs within this world and therefore we must try and respect their views and ideologies in order for us to be able to have a conversation they will understand an enjoy. We could also learn their national language so that we could speak to them in a language that they understand and furthermore will feel more comfortable speaking.

Another thing we could do in order to help our communications would be adapting our voice and terminology, for example would could use proper english instead of using slang words which could confuse people who have never heard of the words; for example people of another culture may not use such abbreviations so speaking to them in proper english would make it easier for them to understand. Also adapting our voice would help make our communications more effective, for example if we speak quietly and with no facial recognition we may be hard to hear and appear kind of rude to to our poor body posture. However if we speak loud and clear while remaining in a positive body posture and providing eye contact, we will be easier to hear and look more positive and approachable.

Another thing we could use to help make our communications more effective would be using technology. Technology has advanced very quickly and can even do voice recognition; this can help us translate english in to many other languages so it can shared throughout the world. Also technology is effective in audiences as it allows all the individuals to see the same thing at the same time and therefore allow us to gather answers from them very quickly due to them all seeing the same thing one the projector. Also with the only piece of technology in the room being a projector this will cause less distractions therefore increase the peoples attention.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal communication is the process by which people exchange information, feelings and meaning through verbal and nonverbal messages with it being face to face communication. It is also not just through what people say but it is sent through your tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures.

Within communication, active engagement is important whenever your are presenting. This is important because it allows your audience to feel that they are involved in the presentation which makes them more interested in the subject material. Active engagement requires you to be confident with your subject material and to be able to present it as it is on the screen using your voice, physical movements and gestures. It is also required that you try and project your voice clearly and try to keep the audience as involved in the presentation as possible.

It is important that your language is positive and not negative within the workplace. This is because positive language is required in order to help your workers be more productive in the workplace, as this will give you a positive attitude towards both yourself and your colleagues. Negative language should not be used, as you will not be able to perform to your potential as you will feel disheartened. This will lead to your colleagues having a negative opinion on you. So when in the workplace it is important to remain positive and calm.

Using inotations while speaking to someone shows how you feel emotionally about the topic getting said. This is good because even people of another language can tell the difference between how we feel from our tone of voice; for example when where happy its balanced and relaxed but when were angry its rough and loud. When trying to speak to someone within the workplace it is ideal to speak in a relaxed manor because it shows them that you are okay and nothing is wrong. However when speaking to an audience it is important to be loud and passionate and to be quite conversational about what your trying to present to the audience so they feel the same emotions you do as well as being able to understand it more.

Body language helps with communications as it can help show how we are feeling at that given moment; for example if we look away and have a slouched body posture its shows we are not interested in what is being said making the speaker unhappy as you are being rude, therefore they will change the subject and so the communications was not effective. However if we keep a good positive posture, while keeping eye contact it shows that we are listening to that person making them speak for longer.

In a verbal exchange it is good to be positive and friendly to the person you are communicating with this will lead to a positive outcome as they feel respected and confident to proceed with their speech as you seem interested in what they have to say.

Communicate in Writing

Emoticons are usually used in texts or messages with friends; for example (:, this is a smiley face. They are usually used in order to show someone's emotion about a certain thing they have to do; they create a positive frame of mind as they make the text look more friendly.

Proofreading is important when doing work as by doing this you can make sure no mistakes are made within the work you have done, this helps a lot as it makes the work look more professional as well as it makes more sense.

Being relevant to the point while writing is also important as if there is too much irrelevant information people can turn off and therefore not be able to read the relative information.

Spelling and grammar is important while writing because it allows the reader to make sense of what is getting read and therefore can come up with an opinion or idea about what you have written, by having good spelling and grammar it allows the written work to be easy to read and acknowledge.

Letters, fax and emails are all forms of messages sent by us to other people, these have to be neat and precise so the reader can understand what we are saying.

Barriers to effective communication

Language— Improving how we speak so we are more clear and precise about information will make there be less of a barrier because then people will be able to interpret what we say as being precise will be quicker and not sound like a drone; furthermore allowing people to stay attentive to the conversation. Technology also will help with our language skills as certain functions within devices allow you to communicate by using different languages, therefore allowing you to be able to be understood by people.

Distractions— Distractions are caused due to us having vision as we can sense movement as well as here noise making a work place an ideal place not to have a conversation due to all the distractions it would cause. A way to reduce this barrier would be by having certain rooms were you can have important conversations with other people, like a board room or a staff room. These rooms tend to be quiet allowing professionals to discuss certain topics without many distractions.

Noise—This is a barrier to effective communication due to use having peripheral hearing, this means we will listen to all the sounds around us as it is instinct. A way to reduce this barrier again would be to go to another room were there are less people and less electrical devices to distract you. An example of this being done would be tests; as people are expected to sit in silence so they can work well and function without many noises so they aren't distracted and therefore work efficiently.

Lack of concentration– We can lack concentration due to boredom or hunger or just not being in the right frame of mind this makes it so we cannot function to our best due to us not feeling right. A way to keep us concentrated would be to be more interactive with what we do in class so we are not sat still and listening as our attention span is poor moreover we will lose concentration. If we are interactive and have regular breaks during work we will feel more fulfilled therefore encouraging us to work with more concentration.

Subject Knowledge—This is a barrier to effective communications due to the person not having a firm understanding on the topic getting talked about making them feel awkward and quiet during the conversation making it more one sided . A way to solve this barrier would be through learning the topic and therefore understanding the principles of the topic so next time when you have this conversation you will be able to interact with the person with an idea of what he is talking about.

Cultural differences— Cultural differences causes problems in conversations due to having different ideologies and a different way of speech. A way to overcome this barrier would be to understand their culture and therefore understand their views on certain topics allowing you to have a balanced yet effective conversation. You could even learn their language so you could interact with them better.