Lineville Peer Coaching

What is it?

Who are peer coaches?

Peer coaches are teachers who are recognized by their staff as strong teachers. Many of them have had some success in integrating technology into their classroom curriculum. All coaches are willing to help other teachers in reaching this same goal. Coaches assist collaborating teachers to blend strong instructional practices and technology into classroom activities by discussing and sharing teaching practices, and supporting efforts to enrich student learning through the uses of technology and engaged learning.

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What can you do?

Coaches say success characteristics of a teacher include:

• Seeing the need and purpose for this work.

• Seeing how much fun it is.

• Knowing that it is okay to make mistakes or ask dumb questions.

• Being open to learning and being helped.

• Having an existing relationship with the peer coach, if possible.

• Being committed to learning and willing to try out new things.

• Feeling okay about taking risks and failing.

• Having a flexible classroom and a willingness to change teaching style, curriculum, and


• Being able to make use of this opportunity. For example, some teachers want a lot of

training but don't ultimately incorporate technology in their classroom; a teacher who

already has the classroom set up for group work and project-based learning is more

likely to integrate technology into their classroom.