High Jump

Jack Marlin

What is High Jump?

High Jump is an athletic event in which competitors jump over a bar that is raised until only one competitor can jump over it without dislodging it! The event requires high leaping ability!

The Reason for The Article

The purpose of this article is to mathematically find when Women will surpass Men in athletic ability.

Scatter Plot

The square dots represent the male competitors and the Xs are the female competitors.

The Linear Regression

Each line represents the trend for the male and female Olympic gold medalist times. The red line represents the female trend line and the blue line represents the male.

At a Crossroads

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What This Means

The lines intersecting shows when both genders are equal in athletic ability. After the lines intersect, the red line (women) continues to increase, meaning they have surpassed the men.

The X Cordinate

The X Cordinate represents the years according to a normal timeline.

The Y Cordinate

The Y Cordinate is the predicted gold medalist hieght for both men and women in the competition
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