Gregor Mendel

Botanist ~ Heredity/Genetics ~ July 22,1822-January 06,1884

What did the scientist discover?

Gregor Mendel used pea plants in order to eventually discover dominant and recessive genes. He started out with corss breeding the seeds of the pea plants such as yellow and green seeds or smooth versus wrinkled seeds. Mendel observed that short plants created short plants and tall plants created tall plants, he therefore hypothesised that if he crossbreed a tall and a short plant they would create a medium sized plant. His hypothesis, however, was not supported by the data. Shorts plants created short plants and tall plants created both short and tall plants. He then continued with the generations and sontinued studying the data. He concluded that there were dominant and recessive genes. The short gene was recessive because it was not as dominant, whereas the tall genes were dominant so there came the name 'dominant'.
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What is the significance?

The significance is it helps to explain how we are created. Also, if you know how the genes work, the sense of what can create what, then you can take it a step further and start manipulating them to a point where you can predict the outcome. (For things such as fruit hybrids this could be helpful.)

Fun Fact

Charles Darwin based his studies off of Mendel. Also, Mendel received recognition after death whereas Darwin was still living when he received his recognition.