The Moon Io

By Lacey Cohee

What Is Io?

Io is a Galilean moon that was discovered by Galileo. Io is bigger than earth's moon, and is also the fifth moon from jupiter. It is the fifth moon from jupiter, but it is the third largest.

Io is also considered to be a little like Earth because it has an Iron core in the middle.

What type of moon is Io?

Io is a volcanic moon, so volcanic that is the most volcanic moon the the solar system.

Because of the volcanic activity, it is hot, dangerous and very hostile, having little or no chance at having life on it. It's atmosphere is filled with volcanic gasses.

Io throws about one ton of volcanic waste into space about 190 miles above the surface.

Galileo’s part in Io

He discovered Io on January 7, 1610. He saw it through a telescope from earth. They fact that he saw this, was proof that earth was not the middle of the galaxy. Sometimes the moons that Galileo discovered are called the Galilean Moons in his honor.
Jupiter's moon Io: A Volcanic Inferno

Interesting facts

Some interesting facts about Io are it is twice as slow as Europa, It's bigger than Earths moon, It was co discovered by Simon Marius. Also, an electrical flow between Jupiter and Io in the Flux tube. And last but not least, It is compared to a pizza because of the way the surface looks and the odd atmosphere.


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